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A 360 Primer

What's the difference between 360 video and VR?

Virtual Reality (VR) tends to be a catch-all phrase for this new medium, so we like to start by clarifying the different formats and options that are available.

First there's Interactive VR or Room Scale VR where the viewer is able to walk around and interact with their environment. This type of VR is currently produced with 3D game software and is generally the most expensive type of VR to produce today.

360 Video is a different format and is a live capture of real things. It's produced with a special type of camera rig that often look like the photo above. VOYRE is currently focused on cinematic 360 Video, although we are exploring workflows for Interactive VR.

What kind of options are there for 360 Video?

We work with three types of 360 Video.

First there is Monoscopic 360 Video, which is a like having a sphere of video content projected around the viewer. This is a great format for just getting into 360 Video as it uses cost effective cameras and the format can be seen on things like facebook without the need for a headset.

Moving up is Stereoscopic 360 Video or 3D 360 Video, this format is what gives the viewer the 3D effect when they watch the video in a headset. When done correctly this format can be very engaging and can be very real, although currently this is a much more expensive format then Mono 360 Video.

Lastly, there is Stereoscopic 180 Video, this format's strength is simplicity. It uses two cameras in a special rig and gives the viewer a 3D perspective for the front 180 degrees. For content where you want your viewer to be able to sit back and enjoy or for live broadcast solutions, this format provides an immersive first person experience, with a lot less expense then 3D 360 Video.

What is the market size for viewership?

Mono 360 content can be viewed by anyone with a smartphone or modern web browser. We've seen that 360 content gives your audience a new way to be suprised by your content and promotes sharing.

Stereo 360 content is viewed on a headset and with nearly 10M units shipped in 2016, consumers are desperate for high quality 360 experiences. This format excels at engaging with a passionate, forward thiking audience.

Most forecasts predict that this trend will increase exponentially into 2020 and beyond. The time is now to start capturing a new audience with high quality cinematic 360 video.

This sounds awesome. Can I get a demo?
Seeing is believing, for a high quality demo of the possiblities, contact us today!

VOYRE is your resource for premium content creation

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award winning producers will shepherd your idea from concept through completion.

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We the willing, led by the passionate, doing the impossible for the unknowing.

Founded by multiple Emmy award winning filmmaker Scott Lynch in 2016, VOYRE is commited to developing and creating the best hands-down 360 content anywhere. Period.

360 Production

  • 360 Stereoscopic Video
  • 180 Stereoscopic Video
  • Full 360 Post Production
  • Ambisonic Audio Recording

Content Development

  • Content Research & Development
  • Social Media Tie In's
  • VR Platform Management
  • Audience Curation

Other Services

  • VR Consulting & Education
  • Custom Broadcast Solutions
  • Turnkey Equipment Packages
  • Volumetric Video Development

Case Studies

Check out some of our recent work.
FIAT 500x in 360
We used our expertise in 360 post prodution to help the team at FIAT finish this creative split screen commercial to show off the new features of the 500X.
Luci Brings Light
MPOWERED donates their Luci solar powered LED light to underprivlidged communities around the world. We helped stitch this short doc for K23 Media to show some of that impact.
Imagine Dragons 360 (coming soon)
We'll soon be releasing a new project for the band Imagine Dragons that reimagines the use of 2D video elements to create a fully immersive 360 music video.


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